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Tire Spin Balance

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Spin Balance Tires The Ride-On Family of Products

Get The Most from Your Tires!

Add Extra Safety on the Road for you and the rest of your family!

Tire Spin Balance

Ride-On will save you money!

Proven Benefits:

  • Prevents flats by sealing multiple punctures
  • Helps extend tire life by up to 25% or more
  • Helps balance medium to heavy truck tires
  • Helps maintain proper tire inflation
  • Works in tube & tubeless tires
  • Easily washes out of the tire with water
  • Lowers operating and maintenance costs
  • Helps reduce down time
  • Helps improve fuel economy
  • Helps tires run cooler
  • Helps eliminate porosity and slow leaks
  • Condition tire casings, making retreads          more effective
  • Guards wheels and tire belts                          against corrosion
  • One application lasts for the legal life              of the tire
  • Does not break down, dry or flake inside        of a tire

The Ride-On Family of Products

  • Eliminates up to 95% of Flat Tires
  • Proven to Dynamically Spin Balance Wheel and Tire Assembly
  • Up to 25% Greater Treadlife
  • Helps Maintain Optimum Inflation
  • Proven in Mission Critical Applications

The Ride-On Tire Protection System (“Ride-On TPS”) is a revolutionary line of tire sealants (tyre sealants) formulated to prevent flats caused by punctures from nails, thorns, screws and other debris. Ride-On TPS tire sealants (tyre sealants) extend tire (tyre) life by hydrodynamically balancing tire/wheel assemblies, lowering tire (tyre) operating temperatures and helping tires (tyres) maintain their set-point pressures. Vehicles with Ride-On TPS benefit from better handling, better fuel economy, longer lasting tires (tyres) and a safer ride.

While you drive, a gel like protective layer of Ride-On TPS - containing fibers six times stronger than steel - evenly coats the inner surface of your tire. If your tire is punctured, the centrifugal force of the rotating tire and the internal air pressure force Ride-On into the hole, sealing it instantly

Don't Get Stranded, Get Ride-On!

Commercial High Speed - (Cars, Trucks, RV's) Use the PLT kit for home installation or visit  a  participating   Ride-On Dealer.   RV owners- This is a "no-brainer", don't ruin your vacation or your coach or trailer because of an unexpected flat tire.  Tire pressure monitors are great for telling you there is a problem, but can't do anything to prevent it - Ride-On actually prevents the flat!

Motorcycles and ATV's  -  If you have a motorcycle, add that extra margin of safety now.  Ride-On has been proven in extreme conditions from the Deserts of Baja (Podium finish in the 2006 TECATE SCORE BAJA 500) 

to north of the Arctic Circle  -     IT WORKS!





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